Como formatear un notebook packard bell easynote

how to reset packard bell laptop windows 7

for some time now I have problems with my notebook. the first thing is that when I was working with it stopped delivering power and began to discharge the battery and blink the battery and power lights. now I disconnect and reconnect the power supply has returned to deliver power to the notebook for a while but then turns off again, and I measured the charger and is well delivering the wattage and voltage, also the battery is good, and I’ve tried it on another notebook, and notebook without battery shuts down at any time.

Hello Mr. remove the battery disconnect the laptop from the electricity remove the hard drive, remove the Ram memories and pass them a rubber eraser where it has the tip grimace points as if it were erasing something, and with a little cotton soaked in alcohol clean them in case there is some rubber, and now you have to try them one by one in case any failure and sit well put them, and connect without the hard drive to have that happens a greeting, and tell us the result

formatting packard bell from the bios

I would like to know how I can format my entire computer, that is to say leave it as it came from the factory, I have Windows Vista and I do not have the cd. I would like to format it as fast as possible because I need it to do some work.

I would like to format it as fast as possible because I need it to do work. you can format without cd my pc what happens is that the thing to put the cd or dvd can not be opened a day and I do not get that is like a month ago through usb I have read online but do not know how to help eye with bad answers Greetings from Colombia

Hello I have a problrma with my computer is with virus t does not allow ke the monitor is turned on only flashes the power light and nothing is seen in the minitor is as if it were off as I do to format it when I see nothing I do not know ke do help me ah hascerlo

how can i format my computer is that it doesn’t open microsoft or exel and those programs are the ones i use the most and that’s why i want to format it but i’m afraid to do it someone can explain it to me step by step.

2 Pasoesperamos that the cd-Rom responds i started until you find the hard drives ie the disk c.3PAso you get advanced you give i option i Format i delete the disks that ai in your pc just leave the c i apartir de ai the only format i you restart the whole pc i you install the windows. Come on I hope what is of help

format packard bell laptop

queria saber eso formatear el disco duro pero ya con el OS, i eso man man comentao q le tendria q dar a f11 al reiniciar pero le doi i no me carga nada sige co la iniciacion q puedo acer? porfa constestas…. Carolina bss

I have a Packard Bell with the difference that mine is not a laptop but a PC, but I guess it will be exactly the same, what you have to do is turn on the computer and when you get the Packard Bell logo press F11, you will have access to a screen from which you can choose whether to restore the computer partially or completely, if you choose “Total”, the computer will return to its original factory settings, this means that you will lose all the programs that you have installed on your own, you will be left only with the OS and the programs that came installed from the factory, the rest will disappear, if you have data inside the computer that you consider important to you, make sure you have them saved before doing anything.

how to factory reset packard bell easynote

Hello, I would like to format my laptop, I have a windows cd that I copied from a friend is a normal cd and has many files and rare icons and works well my friend’s but mine if I try to boot from it does not boot if I start wondows normally and already started I put my cd that I copied from my friend I get a blue window and tells me that I want to do whether to install windows, change components ect ect that the cd is well grabao but does not boot from it I have a packard bell laptop and would like to format it but I’m a little blank I get into the bios and I give the boot box and put cd/dvd in the first and hd in the second and I was told to put floppi in the third but I do not get any name of floppi, the case is that I would like to know how to format it I have to create a boot cd or do not need? someone can explain it to me please

because if I give legazy network card I get some letters EIXITING PXE ROM. several times I put it and sounds the disk as it moves but nothing does not get on the cd, I e formatted another desktop computer with the cd of my friend and I could do it, it was easier but with this laptop I can not make it boot from cd, I have to change something in the bios ?

Santiago Paez