Como conseguir tarjeta nano sim jazztel

How to activate the orange 4g sim card

To get a Jazztel nanoSIM card, if you have just signed up for a new mobile line with Jazztel, the operator will send it to you. If you already have a mobile line and you have just bought a new terminal or device with Jazztel they will send you a new card if you request it.
If your mobile line includes unlimited calls, you will most likely send an SMS to definitively activate your Jazztel NanoSIM. If you make any call, it will not count as a call with cost and your NanoSIM will not be activated.
In the event that you request your new Jazztel NanoSIM due to theft, damage, renewal or copy, your old card will be deactivated and can no longer be used. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a backup copy of the contacts you had on it, if possible.
When you find the Jazztel NanoSIM, try to clean both the dirt from the card and from the slot in which it was housed, this may be what prevented your NanoSIM from working properly. If you are still having problems with the card, do a cross test. This consists of inserting the Jazztel NanoSIM in another device to check if the problems are coming from the card or from the mobile.

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In the Play Store you can find some free ones like SIM Card or SIM Card Info. With any of these applications you can easily access this data from the SIM Info section.
There may be so many reduced terms that you may get confused with them. This happens with the ICC and the EMEI. Therefore, we are going to clarify the main differences between both concepts, IMEI and ICC.
If your cell phone has been stolen or lost, for example, it may be interesting to have both data to block both the SIM and the phone, although surely when you call your operator or go to a store they will give you the best solution.
In order to know the PUK code of your phone you have two options. One is with the SIM card package, in the die-cut card where it is embedded and the second is a little more tedious, as we will have to contact our operator.

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Convert sim card to microsim or nanosim solution.

An eSIM, virtual SIM or virtual card is an evolution of the SIM card that integrates the SIM card chip into the hardware of the cell phone, tablet or smart watch. This eliminates the need to physically insert the card or change it for a new one when changing operators.
The eSIM aims to function similarly to the SIM. To learn more about how it works, we have resorted to the information provided by Orange. For now, operators are offering this service as an alternative to MultiSIM. That is, the second (third or fourth) device with which we want to share the tariff can do so through eSIM.
Activation is simple, with a PIN and a PUK as if it were a physical card. In case of loss or theft, we must act as a normal SIM, proceeding to block it by calling the operator. In case of resetting the terminal, the eSIM data are not erased as they are in a separate chip.

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