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Fotoprix Fotolibro is a program that allows you to generate an album from digital photos, with the objective of sending it to one of the Fotoprix stores, either personally or through its website, and upon payment, receive a printed book.

The customization options, in addition to choosing a template, include the possibility of choosing the cover, defining whether the inside pages will be double or single, choosing the location of each photo, entering text, and editing the photos (rotating them, framing them, converting them to grayscales, etc.).

Galería online – compartir álbum digital

La costumbre de llenar álbumes de fotos con nuestras fotografías favoritas se ha perdido, pero gracias a Fotoprix PhotoBook ahora podemos crear álbumes con calidad profesional a partir de las imágenes que tenemos almacenadas en nuestro disco duro.

La aplicación cuenta con una interfaz intuitiva desde la que sólo tendremos que elegir el tipo de proyecto que queremos (libro de fotos, calendario, álbum, tarjeta de visita o tarjeta de felicitación), el diseño y el tamaño, para que después sólo tengamos que “arrastrar y soltar” las imágenes que queramos en las casillas libres, reajustando el tamaño y la orientación de cada foto, para completar nuestro trabajo.

Fotoprix software – insert texts

A few days ago we gave you some tips on how to create and organize a good photo album. Some were asking and want to know more about the options they have, even how to make one of their own.

Although the ways to build photo books and photo albums have very similar processes, creativity gives us thousands of ideas to obtain striking results. When we make our own photo book we bring out our crafting skills and, above all, the patience we have to do the whole process ourselves.

There are many ways to bind: ring bind, Japanese, accordion, staples, glue, etc. The type of binding gives us instructions on how to make the album. There are binding styles that require us to give more margin on the sheet, others require less. It is usually recommended that we do not place anything 10mm away from the edge, that way we avoid that an image is too far over the edge and looks bad.

In terms of pagination we have to take into account how we are going to present our images. We can print the photographs separately and place them on sheets in the album. We can print directly on the paper, create frames where the photos will go as polaroids, or even make collages of images on those pages. To see the final result, digital diagramming tools will be very useful.

How to remove red eyes in photos in just 1 click

Well, as you already know, and it is my habit, I make of these moments a nice, cheap, colorful and fun souvenir, and yes, you guessed it, I already have my FotoLibro Plus 21*27 of 20 pages in glossy paper and padded covers with 180º opening.

As you can see, they have launched a new version of the FotoLibro program, order software, as well as they have moved the laboratory, renewed the production machinery in order to improve the service they offer us and develop new and innovative products.

Santiago Paez