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Hacking & spying whatsapp is it possible?

Nowadays this is no longer possible, just like many other tricks to spy WhatsApp that no longer worked. For some time now the messaging app makes a point to point encryption of conversations. This means that when you send a message it is encrypted on your device and travels that way over the Internet. When it reaches the mobile of the person you are writing to, it is decrypted and it is at that moment when it can be read; when it is already on the other device.

However, there are still options to spy on a person’s cell phone. As I said, to use these methods it is necessary to have physical access to the mobile where the WhatsApp account is active, but only for a few minutes.

Although it may seem impossible, there are ways to spy on WhatsApp and you should be careful because you do not need any specific application: you can leave the web version open or have backups. We must take this into account if we want to avoid being spied on.

Backups can also be a method used to spy on WhatsApp. Both the backups of the app itself, especially on Android that are stored on the device itself, and full iOS backups, can be decrypted and accessed directly. With the right software it is possible to access conversations and view all chats and also attachments. In this case it is only possible to access the messages that are in the backup, all the previous ones will be safe on your mobile.

How to scan the qr code of whatsapp web with the

That is why it is important to be aware of the ways in which they can spy on you so you can be more cautious with your account and protect yourself in case they may be monitoring your phone through other applications.Read: WhatsApp Web, so you will stop appearing online when answering messagesToday, with new technologies, it is very easy to know the location of a person without the need to send you the location by WhatsApp, as well as to know who they chat with through the app, so you should be aware of the ways in which they can be spying on you.  Read: 5 secrets you should know to take advantage of Black Friday offers

Nowadays there are tools designed to spy on WhatsApp conversations, but these are justified with being parental control apps that help parents and guardians to know who their children talk to, but the reality is that in most cases these tools are used for another purpose.

One of them is called mSpy, which can access the chat history, downloads of attachments such as photos, videos and voice messages, as well as the person’s location.This application is found in both iOS and Android, and the steps to follow are as follows:

How to carry the same whatsapp account on two terminals.

To start tell you that in this post I am going to explain how to spy Whatsapp, is a post oriented to the use of a WhatsApp account on two or more terminals at the same time, a function that does not allow WhatsApp natively unless we want to open our account on a desktop web version through a personal computer regardless of the operating system you have installed.

If you do not have Aptoide installed on your smartphone, you will have to download it beforehand in order to download CloneZap. Being an application not officially available on the Play Store, it is necessary that we activate the option of unknown origins to be able to install the application later.

The application that is mainly designed to carry the same WhatsApp account on several terminals at the same time taking advantage of the functionality of WhatsApp Web, has a user interface in application plan that the truth although it does not look much like the original WhatsApp, does its job perfectly as we will be able to control our WhatsApp on several Android terminals at the same time, even receiving notifications and without having to be synchronizing and desynchronizing WhstaApp accounts every time we want to change smartphones.

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Spying on a WhatsApp account these days is easy thanks to our own technology developed by experts, which allows you to read any account in minutes without advanced knowledge.

Keep in mind that although there are ways to hack WhatsApp that really work, there are also many sites, programs and applications that are not really useful or safe, so be careful when doing so. Here we will list different reliable methods that you can use to be able to spy on WhatsApp.

Once you have the above mentioned, the steps are simple, but you should try to do it fast, because depending on the device, it can be complicated to access the folders, to get the WhatsApp backups you should do the following:

Now that you know what you should have ready, you can start with the procedure, which is quite simple, first we will explain how you can perform this method from an Android phone, read carefully:

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