Letra de la cancion tik tok

The school girl

You’re not of this world if you still don’t know what TikTok is. The application of short and funny videos became especially fashionable during the confinement of the past 2024, a status that has managed to maintain since then and that make him win every day more and more followers.

Who has not had, at least, the temptation to dance to one of the songs that we find in it? Even the most embarrassed have dared to do so, so if this is not your case and you have still resisted to show your gifts for body expression, we bring you 9 proposals of great success this summer both in the music charts and, of course, in TikTok. And we warn you: you won’t be able to avoid moving your body with each one of them!

If we talk about viral songs on TikTok, we could not miss one of the kings of the platform. Jason Derulo has given us a new hit that, of course, has also come with a challenge up its sleeve. If you have to choose, for example, between love and money, which side do you choose? That’s what the choreography of this song, also signed by Canadian rapper Tesher, is all about.


The fame he has achieved on TikTok is not due to unpleasant, unoriginal or problematic videos, on the contrary. Chiky Bombom has managed to be who he is on the video platform, thanks to his personality.

It can be hard to understand how two simple words make a difference. While those two single words indicate absolutely nothing, when they come out of Chiky Bombom’s mouth everything transforms into positivity, joy and good humor.

“Good morning, today I woke up rich, tasty, delicious because I can, I can, I deserve it. I have the personality, I have the personality, I have it and I do with it what I want… I feel rich, I feel suckable, I feel suckable and even chewable stick. Today I woke up my love with the desire to give joy, macarena to my body…”.

Of course, the profits she earns on a daily basis, could have decreased as a result of the controversy that has been generated, what controversy? Chiky Bombom’s lawsuit against those who “use her image”.


All of these features are to keep social video from becoming obsolete. Instagram’s sleek and elegant aesthetic is over, as The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz ably identified. Fans are fed up with perfection, which generates envy and feels plastic or inauthentic. Comedy, absurdity, and reality-circumventing are becoming the new “look” on social media. Lettering and text overlay tools give creators more freedom to express complex jokes or just act silly. The popularity of Billie Eilish’s own stylish fashion and her willingness to reveal her own insecurities are an example of this shift, which is why Instagram is smart.

The newest

His modest but already large community of followers numbered 50,000 people and he decided to ask for suggestions of songs to perform. Someone told him to sing “The Wellerman”, an old song popular among Scottish and New Zealand sailors in the 18th and 19th century. Evans uploaded an edited version where he compacted his voice into several layers and different pitches.

@nathanevanss The Wellerman. ##seashanty ##sea ##shanty ##viral ##singing ##acoustic ##pirate ##new ##original ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##singer ##scottishsinger ##scottish ♬ original sound – N A T H A N N E V A N S S S

“I hadn’t heard a lot of sea chanting, but a while ago I discovered that people liked it…now it’s all happened too fast and it’s changed my life completely,” Evans told The Guardian. Despite his unfamiliarity, there is a clear analogy that seems to have caught on as an explanation as to why such a song might have become popular.

Santiago Paez