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WiFi WPS will come in handy if you regularly connect new devices to your WiFi network. It will save you from having to enter the long alphanumeric code constantly. With a simple push of a button, you will have wireless Internet access from your router permanently. And then you will see those connected devices from the Smart WiFi app or from your Living App.
To activate WPS WiFi you will need to press one of the two buttons for less than five seconds. If you press and hold the button longer, you will disable WiFi or WiFi Plus. If you deactivate it by mistake, pressing it again for several seconds will reactivate it.
Once the WPS WiFi button is pressed, the WiFi or WiFi Plus light or LED will flash for a few seconds. This indicates that you can connect to the Movistar Router using this functionality. Specifically, you will have 120 seconds to pair the device with the router. It will then deactivate until you press the button again.
For the pairing to take place, you will have to press the WPS button on the device to be connected. If all goes well, the WiFi LED light will stop flashing. If the connection is not successful, the WPS indicator on your router will show a red light for 20 seconds.

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Madrid, 2 de diciembre de 2024 – Desde hoy, Movistar pone a disposición de todos sus clientes el Amplificador Smart Wi-Fi 6 de última generación, que permite ampliar la cobertura hasta un 30% y mejorar la velocidad hasta 5 veces más que el modelo anterior.
El Amplificador, que cuenta con existencias limitadas en esta primera fase, está disponible a través de la web o de los canales de venta habituales de Movistar y tiene un precio de 129 euros con IVA incluido. Cuenta con una configuración de 12 antenas internas; velocidades de conexión de hasta 4 Gbps (5 veces superiores a las de Wi-Fi 5); una capacidad de tráfico hasta 4 veces superior, lo que permite conectar muchos más dispositivos al mismo tiempo; seguridad reforzada con el protocolo WPA3 y comunicación optimizada con dispositivos IoT (Internet de las Cosas) para garantizar el mínimo consumo de energía en estos.
También cabe destacar las nuevas funcionalidades de conectividad inteligente que incorpora como la adopción automática de la misma configuración que el router anterior (para facilitar el proceso de instalación del usuario) y la posibilidad de crear una única red Wi-Fi para toda la vivienda con el mismo nombre y contraseña para todos los dispositivos, independientemente de la banda de frecuencia en la que operen.

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To know the advantages, differences, or the possibility of choosing a model, let’s review the list of routers available from Movistar along with their main features and the extra functions that the different models incorporate.
The router is installed free of charge in cession mode, so that in case of cancellation of the Internet service at home, the router or other equipment must be returned to Movistar within a maximum period of 15 calendar days from the date of cancellation of the service, or penalties will be applied for each device not returned.

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The Smart WiFI router or HGU, as we said, is not only a fiber optic router but a ‘3 in 1’ device. It has a router, but also an integrated ONT and also offers a 5 GHz WiFi access point.  This device, in terms of wireless connection, can achieve a maximum transfer rate of 1.93 Gbps in dual band, thanks to its ability to broadcast in dual band simultaneously with a configuration of six internal antennas, four of them 5 GHz and two 2.4 GHz.
The Movistar xHGU router will be available for Movistar fiber optic customers and we know that it will reach up to 10 Gbps per Ethernet connection thanks to its adaptation to the XGSPON standard, in addition to offering WiFi 6 with the capacity to transfer up to 9.7 Gbps in simultaneous dual-band. This will obviously give the telecommunications operator the possibility of making a new leap in the speed of its fiber optic tariffs and will support the following evolutions of the infrastructure.

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