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Hola a todos, acabo de recibir un Technicolor CGA2121 de mi ISP (Megacable en México)He averiguado a través de algunos comentarios de youtube el nombre de usuario “tech” y la contraseña “tech”, pero esto me lleva a una página de configuración básica sin muchas opciones. Al inspeccionar la página en chrome puedo descubrir un botón de “opciones avanzadas”, pero al hacer clic en él sólo me cierra la sesión.¿Alguien sabe cómo desbloquear la configuración completa del administrador? Editar: Opciones correctas: user: admin pass: technicolor12 comentarioscompartidoshidereportaje93% UpvotedEntrar o registrarse para dejar un comentarioEntrarSign UpOrdenar por: mejor

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So, it is not enough to contract the service and buy the modem from Megacable, we must go further, and take actions to protect and configure personal networks. The intention is not to leave any loophole for hackers to invade and access vulnerable areas and benefit from them.
Moreover, putting it into practice is easier than it seems, just by reading this post, or by going to the company’s official web portal, and logging into the configuration page of the respective router.
In the same way, it may be that the modem configuration area is not compatible with cell phones, so it is necessary to look at the model of the cell phone, otherwise it will be difficult to make the changes.
All modem devices marketed by the giant Megacable have a command called reset, usually red, which allows you to reset the device’s default settings. This button is located on the edge of the modem, so that it cannot be pressed by accident and your previously configured settings will be lost.

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The solution to any connectivity problem with the internet or your TV should start with a simple reboot. Restarting your router or set-top box will reset your equipment and often solve your problems, and you won’t have to do anything else. And best of all, it’s very easy to do.
Note: When you reset a computer to its original factory settings, any changes you have made to the computer’s configuration settings will be lost. If you wish, make those changes again now.

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Megacable is a Mexican telecommunications company, whose corporate name is Megacable Holdings S. A. B. de C.V., which is in charge of offering and/or commercializing cable television services, fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and backbone networks, having other brands that operate as administrative subsidiaries.
This competition is formed by the telephony service in Guadalajara. Megacable currently has more than 1,000,000 customers in this area, due to the low cost and quality of the product offered. Throughout the country, the company has approximately 2.5 million customers distributed throughout the country.
All the modems that were mentioned in the previous sections, have a reset button, mostly red, which when pressed, resets all the settings made to the device, leaving it simply with the factory settings with which they usually come.
In case you cannot connect to the Internet, there are a series of steps to follow in order to solve this problem regardless of the type of modem you have. So read the following:

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