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Whatsapp on apple watch cellular

One of the devices that allow you to get more out of your iPhone are the Apple Watch, those smart watches that you can link to your cell phone to answer calls and even Whatsapp messages without having to put a finger on the phone screen. With them, the user experience improves substantially in many ways.

If this is your first Apple smartwatch, the first thing you have to do before performing any installation is to set it up, which can be a bit confusing, but we can tell you that once you understand it is quite easy. We will now proceed to explain each of the steps you need to take.

For your iPhone to be able to recognize the smartwatch you must have both Bluetooth and WiFi network enabled and be connected to one. Thanks to this both devices will be linked and you can then navigate to download the app you want.

Once both devices are linked, on the mobile screen you will see a scanner box similar to the one you see when you go to identify a QR code. What you need to do is point the Apple Watch to scan it and the iPhone will identify it as yours.

Whatsapp on apple watch

Either to start a new conversation or to reply to a message from the Watch, we must open the “Messages” application, slide down the screen to the top and press “New Message”. We select the contact we want to send a message to and then a conversation will be opened with this contact.

Telegram is a very popular messaging company worldwide due to its features that make it especially attractive for group management or sending large files by message. On the other hand, Telegram is one of the few developers that has the best adapted Apple Watch app. It will allow you features such as:

This is a section you should pay special attention to. Officially, there are NO official Whatsapp and Instagram applications for the Apple Watch, so we can use both apps with certain limitations.

By linking the Apple Watch with our iPhone, we are allowing the Watch to show us the notifications from our iPhone, including Whatsapp and Instagram. Therefore, when we get a Whatsapp or Instagram notification, we will be able to respond to messages sent to us, but we cannot start a conversation as in Telegram or the messages app.

Whatsapp call on apple watch

We have already spoken on several occasions of everything we can do with the Apple Watch, and every day that passes, it becomes more functional and productive. One of the most outstanding functions is to receive and answer messages from the Apple Watch itself. Applications such as Telegram, have a specific app for WatchOS. But in the case of WhatsApp, this has not happened yet.

On the one hand we will see the apps that are available for WatchOS and on the other, the applications from which we can receive a duplicate notification of those we receive on the iPhone. In this case and in this section, we find the WhatsApp app.

You should also check the WhatsApp notifications on the iPhone, in Settings/Notifications. In it you must have enabled “allow notifications”, unless the notice in Blocked Screen, Notifications Center and / or strips. We advise you to activate, above all, that of LOCKED SCREEN.

Also, within the application settings we must activate the display of notifications of messages and groups, in addition to activating the notifications of the app, for example, by activating “Strips”. Now every time we receive a message, we will receive it on the watch and we will also be able to reply. A good way to save battery on the iPhone and to answer more urgently the most important messages.

I don’t get whatsapp on apple watch

We are going to divide the article into two parts. First we are going to explain how WhatsApp works on the cell phone with the integration it currently has, and then we will go on to explain what you can do and what are the limitations. You will also have screenshots so you can see the options it gives you on the Apple Watch in operation.

Apple users have long been waiting for a native app that never arrives for the Apple Watch, although other competing apps like Telegram do have an installable app. What this means is that you won’t be able to search through your contacts and open chats or continue talking to whoever you want whenever you want.

So, when you get a message notification, it will arrive both on your mobile and on your watch. If you look at it on the watch, you will have an option to respond using several quick functions, with a series of default quick responses and three options for entering text.

As we were told in Applesfera, there are third-party applications that allow you to have WhatsApp on the Apple Watch, such as WhatsChat. But besides being paid applications, by using them you will be allowing them to access your conversations, which can be a problem for your privacy. And although now they promise to respect it, you never know when they can change their policies.

Santiago Paez