Como hackear una red wifi movistar colombia

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Hello, I wanted to know how to see the computers connected to my router via wifi in remote mode.    That is, to know if I can see who is connected to my home wifi when I’m at work, for example.  My router is Askey rtf3505vw.thank you very much.
Hi Mar, thank you very much for the reply. I already use the Smart Wifi app, and it does not solve the problem. What I want is to know if I can access the router, without being connected to the wifi to see who is connected. See who is connected to my home wifi when I am away. I have also tried with the Alejandra Portal, but I can’t see if there is anyone connected.
Hi Mar, I don’t get it, I think I have not explained well.what I want is to know who is connected to my wifi when I’m out of my house.i.e. connect remotely to my router, as does the Portal Alejandra.  Thank you very much for your help.

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These days, Movistar is one of the technological giants when it comes to telephony. In fact, it is one of the largest and most important telephone networks in the world. This title has been earned thanks to the efficiency of the services they offer to their users, from quality to the price of their connection plans and services.
“KRACK” or Key Reinstallation AttaCK, is the name given to this vulnerability, where a third party could spy on the network. Wi-Fi traffic (data) traveling between devices and access points could be intercepted by nearby third parties, and so they could eavesdrop on communications, install malware or modify web pages.
To answer your question quickly: hacking Wi-Fi is not easy. Despite the current weaknesses of Wi-Fi encryption, there is no magic, automatic program that steals Wi-Fi easily and in a few steps. The truth is that this is much more complicated.
As we mentioned above, there are no magic programs or applications that allow you to hack Movistar Wi-Fi easily and in two steps. Although there are a huge number of websites on the Internet that promise this kind of programs, the reality is that they are scams that make you waste your time, or even infect your PC with viruses.

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Puedes conseguir una tarjeta SIM colombiana por 3000 COP (0,80 USD) a 60 000 COP (16 USD – incluye un plan) en las tiendas de los operadores móviles. Pero las tarjetas SIM suelen tener un precio de 5000 COP – 7000 COP (1,30 USD – 1,90 USD). Sólo Claro vende tarjetas SIM en el aeropuerto internacional de Bogotá-El Dorado.
Cualquier persona mayor de 18 años que viva o visite Colombia puede comprar una tarjeta SIM colombiana a los operadores de redes móviles (Claro, Movistar, Tigo, Avantel y WOM) en sus tiendas o a los revendedores (especialmente para los OMV – Buenofon, ETB, Kalley Móvil, Móvil Éxito y Virgin Mobile), sin ninguna restricción.
Puedes conseguir una tarjeta SIM colombiana en las tiendas de Claro, Movistar, Tigo, Avantel, WOM, ETB, Éxito (para Móvil Éxito) Justo y Bueno (para Buenofon) & Virgin Mobile. Las tarjetas SIM de Kalley Móvil se pueden comprar en las tiendas Alkosto Hiperahorro, Alkomprar y KTronix.
Colombia utiliza el sistema GSM para sus comunicaciones celulares, lo que significa que necesitas un teléfono con capacidad GSM para utilizar tu teléfono en el país. Los teléfonos CMDA no funcionan en Colombia, pero hay un 99% de posibilidades de que tengas un teléfono GSM de todos modos.

what is the difference between modem, router or switch and which one to use?

Greetings, in the place where I work there are 3 routers, that is to say 3 lines, and we have problems with all the devices that connect through WiFi.  We only have one router that assigns DHCP addresses, from to, but the gateway that takes the device is network and this is bringing us many headaches because when connecting them directly do not work and we have to assign a static address or make a double assignment of gateway.  Is there any place where you can assign that the wifi only takes the 192.168..0.1 network gateway and does not take others?  Thanks
In the Line A is the AP connected to a switch, the bad thing is that the 3 lines go to the same switch, then the DHCP is like this:  Line A: Range between 35 and 190 // B: DHCP Disabled // C: DHCP Disabled // What happens is that the new device gets an IP from Line A but it gets the gateway from B.

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