Configurar router comtrend ar 5315u como repetidor

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Hi I have configured my contrend AR5307U router to generate an access point in the basement of my house. As it is for an esp32 arduino module that I use as a photovoltaic surplus manager I have configured it as a ssid different from the network I have at home. The contrend I have connected it by cable. The only settings I made on the contrend were

But I have encountered a problem. When I want to access the router configuration by typing its address I get its welcome menu, just as if it were not configured, offering me the button to enter to do so. So far so good I think. When I click on this button, in the chrome bar I change the ip address to giving error and does not let me enter the configuration. WHAT CAN HAPPEN?

3º- I also have another router tplink ARCHER C6 as an access point that I configure it automatically, doing it all. I see that this way I can have a problem because I have not configured the wifi exactly to the xiaomi which is the main one. Say that I do not like to put the same name to different wifi networks because so I do not know which one I’m connecting. Maybe it’s a mistake, I do not know …

Configure olo router as a repeater

Thank you very much for your interest but there is no way. I set the same channel, same name, different name, the routers are glued to each other…. Neither are found through the scan and, moreover, if I downgrade to WPA2, the laptop tells me that it is not able to connect to that line and Windows diagnostics that the network security is not compatible.

If you search with the laptop for another wifi network and see what channel it is on, put the router on that channel and hit search, it should find the network of the secondary router and the neighbor’s if it does not find any network, then something is wrong.

Yes, it finds other lines but not mine. I do not know why, there have been two occasions when they have been found: one the repeater to the sender and one vice versa. However, they have never managed to find each other. It seems like a melodrama.

the first router can have the normal configuration the secondary you change the ip to be within the network range of the main router and disable the dhcp with that should work the connection by wds.

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I don’t know what the fuck they put the button option in the manual and in the router options, that’s what I say the router models are for, to differentiate between different router features.

Some time ago I asked about this topic* in this forum and I put a link** to a video demonstration of an HP printer, WPS established the wireless connection automatically (one touch) between the printer and the router, although I also had access to the WPS configuration of the HP printer,

It is clear that WPS is not WDS, however: my intention is not to give technical explanations, WPS and WDS serve the same purpose: to connect two computers by wireless, but if you want more explicit answers:

some forum members ask “I have a problem and it doesn’t work, why?”, the forum is mainly about giving solutions, not about giving explanations of why it doesn’t work”, if we give technical explanations the topic gets more complicated and that is not the purpose,

for some forum members a given solution is not enough and they ask for a manual with step by step instructions, my intention is not to make step by step manuals, nor to give technical explanations, just to give a solution: in this case to configure the wireless connection of two computers with Wireless-Bridge manually.

Configurar el router 3com como repetidor

La unidad se reiniciará automáticamente. Una vez que la luz de encendido deja de parpadear, la unidad se ha reiniciado y está lista para ser utilizada. El reinicio del router no restablece el firmware a una versión anterior, pero cambiará todos los ajustes a los valores predeterminados de fábrica.

Cambie el nombre de su Comtrend AR-5315u Nombre Wifi por defecto (SSID). Algunos routers Comtrend vienen con nombres de red por defecto (con el nombre del fabricante). Recomendamos utilizar un nombre diferente porque un nombre por defecto identifica innecesariamente la marca de su router, facilitando la entrada de los atacantes.

Es fácil que un hacker averigüe la contraseña por defecto del fabricante de su router Comtrend AR-5315u y la utilice para acceder a su red inalámbrica. Por ello, es conveniente cambiar la contraseña de administrador de su router Comtrend AR-5315u. Cuando decida su nueva contraseña, intente elegir una serie compleja de números y letras y trate de evitar el uso de una contraseña que pueda ser adivinada fácilmente.

El filtrado MAC le permite limitar el acceso a su router Comtrend AR-5315u. Para activar esta función, introduzca en su router Comtrend AR-5315u el ID de MAC de 12 caracteres de cada ordenador que vaya a conectarse a su red. Asegúrese de actualizar esta información si añade o elimina dispositivos.

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