Configurar router xavi 7968 como punto de acceso

configuración router wifi como repetidor inalámbrico, con dd

Hola,me gustaría saber como puedo conectar el router xavi al router dir-845l para poder utilizar el xavi como repetidor. Soy capaz de hacerlo con un router zyxel y el xavi como repetidor, pero no soy capaz de conectar el xavi al dir.No encuentro donde el dir acepta transmitir su señal wifi.Gracias por el apoyo

Gracias,el xavi es arouter-modem con modo Bridge y AP, la frecuencia es de 2,4Hz. El dir-845L lo veo pero no se conecta, no es un problema del xavi, es un problema del dir. Con el xavi y el zyxel se ven, seleccionas uno que quieres repetir y cual es el principal (adsl) y viceversa, puedo poner el xavi como principal (adsl) y el zyxel como repetidor: “¿Cómo puedo conectar el DIR-845L a otro router a través de wifi? “Yo también soy capaz de conectar el xavi al dir mediante el cable y soy capaz de ampliar y crear una nueva red wifi, pero quiero repetir la señal del dir-845l en los up roms.Espero explicar mi problema

Quote from: FurryNutz on June 30, 2024, 07:35:09 AMEste no es un problema de la serie DIR, Este router no admite el puente o la repetición de otra señal WiFi:Bridge Mode vs Relay vs Acess Point (AP) / Routers vs Dedicated Access Points (AP)Lo siento, creo que no me explico con claridad o no entiendo lo que quieres decir.Quieres decir que no voy a conectar ningún repetidor a mi DIR-845L ? mi red es: DIR-845L conectado al router/modem y este al ADSL. Quiero utilizar otro router o un repetidor específico para ampliar el wifi del DIR-845L. ¿Quieres decir que no es posible?

[tutorial] how to configure a router to use it as a repeater

I would like to use a router Xavi 7868 Wifi as an access point for an XBOX360 or for a PC, is indifferent because as soon as it works for one will work for the 2. My problem comes in that it does not solve well the DNS comprobandolo DNS through the XBOX (Nor navigates connected to a PC)

I am not very clear your explanation, the router that I want to configure as a client if you have wifi, but as you say if you do not support client mode, it is rare that I recognize the IP and stays only the error in the DNS verification.

The Xavi you have it well configured, with an ip of the same range of the ips of the 3Com, and the gateway the one that has the 3Com, but in the PC and in the XBOX, do not put the gateway the ip of the Xavi, put the one of the 3Com.

ola again if you let me is my neighbor and I yevo well with him and he knows and does not mind I kieo k my (router xavi 7868r) do as a kind of bridge as you as dixo and connect me to the internet by the rj45 cable so the more acerke my router to the other more coverage I have and as the network cable if it is category 6 does not have muxa loss as better coverage or something like that do not know. tell me your k these more put in this your k arias thanks :mrgreen:

how to use a router as a switch and a point of connection

The basic sketch of what we want to do would be; the main router supplying the connection from the rj-11 cable through the WAN port located where we usually have it connected, connected by a network cable (LAN) from the ports of a router to another. This LAN cable can have as much length as meters we need to where we locate the secondary router or AP (it is advisable not to have more than 25 meters to prevent losses by attenuation).

Once we have obtained the keys and accessed the router by entering the gateway in a browser, we change the local IP of the xavi so that it does not coincide with that of the main router, for example we assign the from ‘Configuration LAN Connections-> Change default LAN port IP address’.

We eliminate the WAN connection that has established, we do not want that it connects to any ADSL provider, what we want is that it connects to our main router, so we go to; ‘Configuration WAN connections’ and we eliminate the one that we have.

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In this way we can place the Xavi(s) distributed throughout the house and have good coverage on the lower/upper floors in each respective point … or simply for those who need to create wifi networks in large areas.

2º We eliminate the WAN connection that has established, we do not want that it connects to any ADSL provider, we want it to our zyxel, so we go to Configuration-> WAN connections and we eliminate the one that we have.

We go to Configuration-> Routing table. We eliminate the route that was previously, we will no longer need it, and we create a new one simply indicating: Gateway: (the ip lan of the zyxel) Interface: eth0 ***VERY IMPORTANT*** since this is where we tell it to connect to the zyxel by its correct lan cable.

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