Product configuration is missing como resolver

The configuration data for this product is corrupted.

This document contains basic troubleshooting steps to solve most problems you may encounter when using Photoshop. Please follow all of the steps below before posting on the forum about Photoshop-specific issues.
Many problems can occur when using third-party fonts, including glitches or crashes when selecting the text tool or activating or making the character panel visible. One or more incorrect fonts can also cause general performance problems when starting or using Photoshop. Validate and remove duplicate or problematic fonts to improve the stability and performance of the text tool.
If one or more toolbar tools are missing, try resetting the toolbar customization to the default. To do this, select Edit > Toolbar and click Restore Defaults in the right column.

Windows installer error

An installation attempt with errors can leave your computer in a state where subsequent attempts also produce errors that do not appear to be directly related to a previous installation attempt.
To correct this error, you can correct the command line mismatch or edit the configuration import file. You can also discard all pending changes, deploy the coordination service on the target machine to match the settings in the import file, and re-import the configuration file.
To correct the mismatch from the command line, for each node that generates an error use the tsm topology set-process command to revert the instance count of the coordination service.
This error can also occur if you try to update the coordination service directly, using the tsm topology set-process command instead of the tsm topology commands to manage the coordination service. If you have tried this:

Repair windows installer windows 7

It has done this to me with a game that I have installed and uninstalled multiple times, and also purchased from the steam site. I have tried to install another game, without error. I tried to install in another library folder, and it did not give me error. I went back to the first one and the error disappeared. Strange things
Please forgive me if I have revived a dead post, but I want to make clear that this error should NOT always be taken into account to the letter.Today I bought in Eneba and G2A, 2 DLC’s for CITIES SKYLINES and after installing these DLC’s …. Steam notifies me that same error and the impossibility to install the DLC.Total, I go to : Manage DLC’s and I see that they are installed correctly. I enter the game and everything in order.I consider that this is a bug that occurs on the platform and therefore, better confirm that it is true, before requesting refunds. xDY nothing more. Best of luck to those who have this error and unfortunately can not play.

How to uninstall windows installer

The measurements are very simple, we only have to indicate the unit of weight (in our case kg), and measurement (cm).  This will take into account the inventory of the product sheet, and optionally for the calculation of postage based on weight and measures.
In this screen we can make the settings for “Shop and product pages” and “Product images”. In both cases these are issues related to what will be seen on the product page, and how it will be seen.
But if we upload photos NOT proportional to those dimensions, by default WooCommerce will only shorten the width of them, leaving a variable height, so as not to disfigure the image. If we want to avoid this, we must activate the “crop image” checkboxes. This way WooCommerce will keep the dimensions that we have indicated, cutting “the part that is left over” at the top and at the bottom.
Important note: Each theme (theme, template), has different dimensions in the product pages, so if we change theme, we must look at what they are, and manually modify these dimensions here, otherwise, they will look bad.

Santiago Paez